Asbestos Removal Clearances

Careless asbestos removal can put your employees, customers and building at risk.

With Accurate Consulting Ltd’s expertise, you are safe and compliant.
  • Asbestos removal project management for greater peace of mind
  • Qualified, tailored advice from experienced Asbestos consultants
  • Accurate removal specifications to fully define the scope of asbestos removal and avoid hidden costs

Accurate Consulting Ltd has consultants throughout New Zealand with asbestos testing available on site.

Manage your asbestos removal costs with Accurate Consulting Ltd in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Accurate Consulting Ltd is an asbestos removal consultancy based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Our project management team oversees large-scale asbestos removal in commercial buildings, warehouses and offices as well as residential houses where asbestos poses a risk.

If you are about to refurbish or renovate and think your building or home may have asbestos, see Accurate Consulting Ltd for qualified advice before you employ an asbestos removal contractor. With Accurate Consulting Ltd at your side, your asbestos removal project will run as smoothly as possible and any extra or hidden costs will be minimised. Contact Accurate Consulting Ltd today for quality assured asbestos testing.

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Asbestos removal can be complicated, but with an asbestos removal specification plan from Accurate Consulting Ltd the process will feel simple.

Safe asbestos removal from your home or commercial property isn’t simple. Ensure you protect yourself with a proper specification before you start work. No matter the size or scale of the project, Accurate Consulting Ltd can produce an asbestos removal action plan and specification for asbestos contractors to price against, giving you a more accurate cost for asbestos removal anywhere in NZ.

This document accounts for all aspects of the project (including asbestos abatement and encapsulation and asbestos soil remediation if required) before it commences and can pay for itself many, many times over in saved time. Prior to engaging an asbestos removal contractor, Accurate Consulting Ltd can carry out an ACM asbestos survey, conduct asbestos air testing, send samples away to an IANZ-accredited asbestos testing lab and prepare your asbestos management plan.

Accurate Consulting Ltd brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to all asbestos removal projects.

Our team of asbestos testing and removal consultants has more than 100 years’ combined experience in the industry. We can review the pricing from asbestos removal contractors and point out the hidden costs and assist you with selecting the correct contractor for the individual project, making sure they are Worksafe licensed asbestos removal specialists.
Accurate Consulting Ltd is also completely independent, this means we can offer unbiased advice on the correct removal specialists for the particular site in terms of capability and scale of the project. We work closely with the various companies involved to assist you with managing your project to achieve the best results possible.

Pay for what you need instead of dealing with multiple companies and enjoy the peace of mind that follows from knowing that what you are doing is compliant and cost-effective. For more information about asbestos testing and removal legislation in NZ or to book an appointment, enquire with Accurate Consulting Ltd today.

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