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Does your workplace comply with regulations? Think your building may contain asbestos and need advice? Talk to our consultants for ACM asbestos surveying, air testing and more.

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  • Tailored asbestos fibre air testing surveys
  • Domestic and Commercial asbestos surveys
  • Clearance testing for Class A & Class B licensed asbestos removal works
  • Asbestos Containing Material Surveys

Accurate Consulting Ltd has consultants in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch who can carry out asbestos surveys to ensure regulatory compliance.

Asbestos Management begins with an Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) Survey to check for asbestos in your property throughout New Zealand.

The first step to managing asbestos in your premises is to identify its location and condition. This is normally achieved by an asbestos containing materials (ACM) survey. Accurate Consulting Ltd have the relevant training, experience, quality control systems and insurance to undertake all types of asbestos containing material surveys.

There are several different types of residential and commercial property asbestos surveys available depending upon your requirements. Accurate Consulting Ltd can undertake Management Surveys, Refurbishment Surveys and Demolition Surveys.

Management surveys are the standard type of survey to locate any suspect ACMs in the building that you may damage or disturb in normal day to day activities, including maintenance.

Refurbishment Surveys are needed before any refurbishment work. They locate and check for any asbestos containing material in the specific area the refurbishment works will take place. This kind of survey is fully intrusive and requires access in all areas that may be difficult to reach. As all areas must be inspected, refurbishment surveys are destructive.

A Demolition Survey must be undertaken before demolition. It will locate all ACMs in the area where the demolition is planned. The survey is fully intrusive and full destructive inspection is required to make sure everywhere is accessed and all ACMs are located.

After your survey, as part of your Asbestos Management Plan, you may need to keep check on the asbestos materials that may have been located. For this, Accurate Consulting Ltd can undertake re-inspections, condition monitoring and follow-up asbestos reports for your commercial property to ensure your business and your people continue to stay protected.

For asbestos management, refurbishment and demolition survey costs, contact our team at Accurate Consulting.

Are you concerned about airborne asbestos fibres in your workplace?

Organise your air quality testing with us to find out if there is any area for concern.

Accurate Consulting Ltd is able to provide air monitoring for airborne asbestos fibres to suit your particular requirements. We also have several licensed asbestos assessors in the team who are able to carry out clearance testing for Class A licensed asbestos removal works. With our high level of experience in this area we can also audit the asbestos removal process as an independent party. 

Safety begins with awareness

Learn about asbestos and how to mitigate the potential risk with tailored, onsite asbestos awareness training.

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Accurate Consulting Ltd has offices in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland providing asbestos awareness training courses, delivered onsite, anywhere in NZ as well as remotely via Teams or Zoom. Under the Health and Safety regulations, all persons in business are encouraged to educate themselves and their employees on the hazards of asbestos and the relevant legislation around it.

Our asbestos training courses can be tailored to suit your industry, whatever that may be. Topics covered include, the history of asbestos, asbestos material knowledge and identification, asbestos legislation, how it may impact on your industry, and asbestos management techniques.

Contact us with your requirements and we’ll be happy to discuss this in further detail.

Receive sound advice from our ACM asbestos surveying specialists

Accurate Consulting Ltd is happy to provide you with advice and other asbestos consultancy services as necessary. With our vast experience in the industry you can be sure that the advice will be sound.

Our asbestos testing and removal specialists are located in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch offering countrywide coverage. We have significant industry experience both overseas and in New Zealand and we are IANZ accredited. We also have a mobile asbestos air testing lab that can go onsite, so feel free to contact us today for fast, accurate asbestos testing and any other queries you may have.

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