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  • Tailored asbestos management plans and assessments
  • Clearance testing for Class A & Class B licensed asbestos removal works
  • Onsite asbestos awareness training for you and your staff

Accurate Consulting Ltd has consultants in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington who can carry out asbestos testing on site.

Protect your employees, clients, customers and your business with a tailored asbestos management plan for the removal of asbestos containing material.

When it comes to managing asbestos and advising on or preparing an effective asbestos management plan or removal specification, Accurate Consulting Ltd stands out from the competition. Our team has spent considerable time managing asbestos for large organisations which has put us in an excellent position to really understand the needs of your workplace.

Accurate Consulting Ltd can assist you with managing any asbestos removal work we can make sure that the right companies are brought in to ensure the work is done to scope. No-one wants to see multiple companies all trying to clip the ticket.

Allow us to provide an asbestos survey to meet your requirements – whether it be an asbestos refurbishment survey or a demolition site survey – to enable you to effectively manage your risk. We always tailor our surveys to your exact request.

Get in touch if you’d like a quote or more information about asbestos testing in NZ, asbestos surveying or project management.

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Why get an asbestos management plan drawn up by a consultancy?

If you have identified asbestos in your workplace, including in soil or naturally occurring asbestos, you must have an asbestos management plan in place. Even if asbestos testing turns up nothing, depending on your building or site, you may still require an asbestos management plan or testing results collaborated and documented to ensure you are on the right side of the asbestos regulations.

Managing asbestos in the workplace and buildings can be time consuming. You can do this yourself, but the prospect of doing so can mean hours of time, and for time-pressured managers, it doesn’t always make financial sense.

Choose a consultancy such as Accurate Consulting Ltd instead and benefit from the following:

  1. Save on time and money – By having a single entity project managing the testing, detection, planning and removal of the contaminated material, you can save a significant amount of time and money.
  2. Simplify processes – If you’re having to deal with multiple third parties then the overall picture can get messy, and also require a large logistical overhead. With one overarching plan created by a professional consultancy with your best interests in mind, you can simplify the process and reduce stress in the workplace.
  3. Structure and accountability – In most cases, a management plan must be reviewed regularly (a regulatory minimum of every five years) to maintain its legal status. With a consultancy on your side, this is timetabled and taken care of on your behalf, with your agreement.
  4. Clearcut emergency procedure – Should your staff need to halt operations due to asbestos discovery or disturbance, they will have an emergency asbestos action plan they can refer to and a process to follow.

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