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Need a fast, accurate asbestos air testing laboratory?

Accurate Consulting Ltd provides IANZ accredited asbestos air testing that can be done on site in our mobile lab.

  • Fast turnaround from sample testing phase to final result
  • IANZ accredited and we meet ISO:17025:2005 standards
  • All equipment in our asbestos testing lab is regularly calibrated

Experienced consultants available in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for asbestos testing.

Cost effective, timely and accurate asbestos fibre air testing completed on site

Accurate Consulting Ltd is IANZ accredited to sample and count fibres, away from a fixed IANZ laboratory.

Our experienced asbestos testing and removal consultants (asbestos assessors) can visit you on site in our mobile laboratory to carry out air sample testing for airborne asbestos, providing a quick turnaround of results. By working with Accurate Consulting Ltd you will save on downtime waiting for samples to be sent away, tested and results processed. Asbestos fibre air monitoring (air quality tests) should often be conducted during and after asbestos removal.

Please note: Asbestos testing can be done on site throughout Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch, and Accurate Consulting Ltd uses an IANZ accredited laboratory for all sample analysis.

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All equipment in our IANZ accredited laboratory is calibrated to ensure accurate results during asbestos air sample testing.

All equipment that is used for air monitoring should be calibrated regularly to ensure that the value you are calibrating the equipment to is still correct. If equipment is used for air monitoring that hasn’t been calibrated then the fibre count result may be incorrect regardless of the laboratory analysing the sample.

Accurate Consulting Ltd adheres to ISO:17025:2005 standards and we hold IANZ accreditation for this standard

  • Chemical Testing Laboratory – Airborne Fibre Count

Every piece of equipment that comes into the asbestos testing lab is calibrated using in-house methods, the equipment is then issued to the consultants who have been given thorough training to ensure that they are calibrating the equipment properly, on site, themselves. An up to date register is kept of each piece of equipment to ensure that they are calibrated either six monthly or annually in accordance with international standards.

Examples of the calibrations and checks performed by Accurate Consulting Ltd include:

  • Flow rate calibrations for the air monitoring pumps using a rotameter.
  • Rotameter calibrations for calibrating air monitors to the correct value shown on the rotameter using a soap film flow metre.
  • Stopwatch calibrations for use during integrity tests, rotameter calibrations and air monitoring pump battery tests.

If your company would like to carry out asbestos testing or removal as part of a management plan, talk to us first about training

Accurate Consulting Ltd does not recommend taking asbestos samples or carrying out asbestos removal yourself unless you have had proper training. Incorrect sampling could result in asbestos exposure to those sampling and anybody in the surrounding area. If your company or workplace wants to conduct asbestos testing or asbestos removal following the findings from an ACM asbestos survey or as part of an asbestos management plan, Accurate Consulting Ltd provides comprehensive asbestos awareness training and asbestos air clearance testing advice, which can be delivered at your workplace. We can also tailor this to suit your industry.

Accurate Consulting Ltd is the premier asbestos testing consultancy for Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Make an enquiry with our NZ asbestos testing consultants today.

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